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This chart helps you follow the rules. You can transmit with up to 200 watts PEP A band-by-band plan showing where to find different types of activity is available from the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). Band. Frequencies (In MHz) Modes You Can Use (200 watts PEP maximum power) 80 meters. 3.525 – 3.600. Ham Radio Solutions is pleased to announce CW Hotline, a WiFi connected CW tool. CW Hotline was designed to provide a way to key a remote radio station in CW mode, but can be also used as a private Morse code link to friends. Think "The Bat Phone" for CW. KARES members like Kimmel operate ham radios, which are small-band frequency radios that connect people all over the world. KARES members can also be called up by local emergency services to assist with communications. And they're the only group on the island that administers in-person amateur radio licensing exams for the Federal. Hamshack Hotline, nicknamed the "Bat Phone for Ham Radio", is a FREE dedicated Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telecom service for the Amateur Radio community. This has been around a couple years and is quickly growing here in Western New York. There are over 4000 extensions existing globally on the network. The service utilizes VoIP desk phones that.
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